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Sharing experiences over food and drink is at the heart of human experiences.

In 2021, Founder Mike Pruitt recognized that Charlotte’s growing culinary scene would be the perfect backdrop to bring people together. Therefore, he created the concept of Food & Beverage Social Club – a community that makes memories and connections while supporting local businesses and causes.

“Life is all about creating memories, many of my favorites have been around the dinner table.”
Mike Pruitt

Mike Pruitt

Favorite Dish: Farm to Table Meals

Favorite Drink: Oregon Pinot Noir and Fresh Vine Wines

Lucia Zats
Director of Event Operations

Favorite Dish: Sushi or Tacos (It’s so hard to choose a favorite!)

Favorite Drink: Pinot Noir & Aperol Spritz

Brianna Fleming
Event Specialist

Favorite Dish: Grandma Farinacci’s Homemade Spaghetti Sauce
Favorite Drink: Lemoncello Lemon Drop

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