Select your membership level

Individual Membership

Cost: $100

Dual Membership

A dual membership covers a year of membership for two designated people – whether they are friends, spouses, coworkers, etc! The two members that you initially register will remain the same throughout your tenure.

If you would like to invite a variety of people to attend events with you, please purchase an individual membership and guest tickets, which are offered for most of our events! This members-only perk will offer you savings on your guest’s ticket.

Cost: $150

Corporate Memberships

F&B Social Club Corporate Memberships enable your business to invite employees to enjoy reduced price events and Members’ Only events through your company’s primary membership.

These discounted memberships are available in groups of eight, ten, and twelve employee memberships.


$640 (8 Memberships)

$800 (10 Memberships)

$960 (12 Memberships)

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